In Love With Places I’ve Never Been

Who knows where this might lead?

Who knows where this might lead?

During our last dinner in Marrakech, one of my tour-mates asked me what my favourite country so far is, but instead of a country or even a city what came to mind was a favourite travel quote:  I’m in love with places I’ve never seen and people I haven’t met.  Continue reading

Morocco by Plane, Train, Automobile or Camel…Just Go See It!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you’ve seen my facebook page, you probably picked up on the fact that Morocco has stolen my heart. My sister says that I’m being travel-easy, I’ll give my heart to the first country that catches my eye. I think it’s a bit more than that, although I will admit that doing a guided group tour is a bit like going to a peep show. You get to see a teeny bit, and it leaves you wanting much more. Continue reading

London’s Calling

(not original, I know, but the best I can do at the moment)

Two days isn’t really enough time to see London, but I made a good effort at it.  I walked from Hyde Park to the Thames and around. Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, a river cruise on the Thames, the Eye, the South Bank, the Victoria and Albert Museum.

I am pretty sure I almost walked into Ralph Fiennes on the Jubilee Bridge, and I met Harry…not the royal one, but an energetic 10 year old who insisted on standing in the rain with his hood down no matter what his mum said, because he liked the feel of rain in his hair.  She even threatened to go straight home with no afternoon tea, it was a very British moment!

Roamin’ with the Romans

Roman Ruins in Portchester

I have arrived!

Finally, after months of planning, arranging, re-arranging and confusion, I have arrived at the first stop on my strange little journey – the UK!

I was picked up at Gatwick by extended family (a third or fourth cousin so many times removed called Dennis, and his wonderful wife Jean).  What a relief it is after an 8 hour flight, and the joys of customs, to be greeted by smiling faces!

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