Learning at the Tuscan Seaside

20150510_190645Italy was a big part of my backpacking trip, I was spending a whole month traveling around the country. I had never been there before, I’d only seen it in movies like Only You and Roman Holiday.  I was so excited to get there and really see this beautiful country that creates so many of my favourite things: gelato, gnocchi, olives and olive oil, of course wine. My first stop was to be Viareggio in Tuscany for two weeks of Italian language classes, and some cooking classes thrown in. I was staying in an apartment with a few other students, arranged by the school (Centro Giacomo Puccini), about a 10 minute walk from school and from the bordwalk/beach. I couldn’t wait to arrive and get started.  Continue reading


Strangers on a Train


After I left Weiden I was headed towards Italy for my Italian language classes. I had intended to spend more time traveling around Germany, but changed my plans last minute and decided to head south. First stop: Zurich. Unfortunately for me, the German train conductors decided to go on strike.  Continue reading