Strangers on a Train


After I left Weiden I was headed towards Italy for my Italian language classes. I had intended to spend more time traveling around Germany, but changed my plans last minute and decided to head south. First stop: Zurich. Unfortunately for me, the German train conductors decided to go on strike.  Continue reading


A Very Bavarian Experience


Does it get more Bavarian than this?

After my trip to Paris and Bordeaux, I returned to my home-base, aka Loe’s home near Weiden. It’s been absolutely wonderful to have this house to keep returning to, I can’t say how grateful I’ve been that Loe let me stay with her off and on for the past few months.

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Getting Lost in Paris

I spent 10 days in Paris and I did a lot.  Each day was new and interesting.  I did a lot of tourist-y things like visiting the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, a night boat cruise along the Seine.  I won’t bore you with descriptions of these places, since you can find those anywhere.  Instead I’ve just been talking about my favourite parts of Paris and what I loved about it.  My highlights.
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My First Day in Paris

First glimpse of the Eiffel Tower

First glimpse of the Eiffel Tower

I have been so excited about coming to Paris that the day before I headed out of Germany and into France, I was actually nervous. I was scared that I had built up this trip to Paris so much in my mind that there was no way it could be as wonderful as I was hoping. I still remember arriving in Paris with my parents when I was young; we immediately hit a traffic jam as they were cleaning up after a huge market and all I could smell was gasoline, rotting food and other big city smells.  Nothing I was used to.  Then we arrived at our hotel and it was small and cold and mostly gray, and it just felt like the whole city was dirty, gross. But then we left the hotel and went to a sidewalk cafe (Janna’s wishlist for Paris) and I had creme caramel and a hot chocolate.  We sat there and listened to the French being spoken around us, and slowly the city got under my skin. I was enchanted. I have been waiting to come back ever since, and Paris has not disappointed. Continue reading